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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why does Alterations Inc continue education and keeping up with new trends and techniquesand education

Alterations Inc. is constantly continuing the education of all our seamstress.  Why is this needed?  Sewing is sewing right?  Needle, thread and a few machines and you are good to go.

Not exactly true.  Trends change, techniques change and there are always new ways to learn and new machines that allow us to make alterations on new materials, clothing/leather/purses etc. that are ever changing.

Yes, most sewing/alterations do remain static and we continue to use the same machines and techniques for altering the standards, hems, taking in/out, sewing buttons, etc.  however there are new innovations everyday in so many industries. 

One example is how women's cuffs are made on pants.  Previously, women's pant cuffs were made exactly like mens cuffs.  The problem with this is that most women's pants are wider than mens at the bottom and this caused the cuffs to droop.  One manufacturer recently tried a new technique which provides the look of a cuff but doesn't droop like the old cuffs.  It really is a sort of fake cuff but only you and your seamstress would know that :)

Innovations and changes in sewing techniques are changing and evolving all the time, so it is critical that Alterations Inc. continues our education and keeps up with the newest trends and techniques to provide the Professional quality services we have been providing Arizona for over 25 years.

Alterations Inc has moved after 25 years.  Our new location is newer, more comfortable, larger customer area with natural light.  Please come visit us and see our new diggs

17037 N. 43rd Ave, Glendale AZ 85308
NE Corner of Bell Ave and 43rd Ave

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