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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bridal gown - picking the right seamstress

Your wedding gowns is probably only a one-time ordeal for you and your family and friends. 

You will probably meet your seamstress during the first fitting, assume she is good because she has lots of thread and multiple sewing machines, and then leave the most expensive garment you will ever purchase in your life with her. 

You will then probably visit this garment up to 4 more times for your fittings and adjustments before being able to take it home with you and you will probably never think of your wedding seamstress or tailor again.

Now, I know you have options when it comes to finding a good tailor or seamstress. 

In fact, the bridal store where you bought the dress probably may have an alterations department or will “recommend” a number of good tailors for your convenience.  

If you chose to use the bridal store seamstress they will probably “meet” you at the bridal boutique, measure you out and give you a price estimate for the cost of alterations.  This seems nice and convenient, but did you ever think to ask where your dress will be while you are gone? 

If you cannot see an alterations room around the corner, then I would say that one is not going to magically appear. There is a VERY GOOD CHANCE that your prized possession, your wedding gown, will be taking a journey to (hopefully) nice seamstress’s home where she can work on it while watching television, or watching her children or grandchildren. 

If you are okay with little ones playing dress-up in your Vera Wang then this situation will not bother you, however it is probably worth the inquisitive question of: “Where does my dress get altered at?” or even “Can I see where the alteration department is?

 Bridal Shop prices are also usually up to 50% more than your local seamstress and you are likely to be just another bride in their herd, unless you are using a shop like Kleinfeld's which is on TV and they only provide alterations on dresses over $2500 and believe me their alteration prices are very high.  Most bridal shops especially chains usually lack the customer service and quality that you professional local seamstress will provide.  They employ part time seamstresses that only get work when they have it and pay very low wages so most likely you are not getting expert seamstresses and the work may not be to the quality you are expecting.  They make a lot of money on alterations and either pay seamstresses lower wages or they expect a finders fee from any seamstress they refer.  

Alterations Inc. has been serving Arizona for over 25 years.  We employ 4 full time employees and 2 part time employees.  We have on employee that has been with us 16 years, one 12 year and the 2 others 5+ years.  3 of our employees are Bridal gown experts and have a combined experience of over 75 years.  

All our work is done onsite so your gown will not leave our shop for any alterations.  With this level of experience you can be assured that your gown will be treated with utmost care and expert tailoring.

Alterations Inc.

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