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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Clothing alterations and tailoring costs - How are they determined

As you may know alterations depend on the type of work, skill set and how long a certain alteration/tailoring job is going to take to complete.  Alterations Inc has been in business for 26 years and employ 4 full time seamstresses.  

Alterations Inc prices are based on the difficulty of the work, hence needing the more experienced seamstress who makes more money and costs more for difficult tasks.  We also have to factor in the other costs relating to providing these services and just to do business, like sewing machines and maintenance, supplies (threads, zippers, snaps, needles, etc), electricity, rent, insurance and much more. 

Seamstress and tailor alterations pricing have to cover your costs.  In the current economy and with clothing made so cheaply overseas there are many people that do not want to spend more money on alterations then they spent on the garment in the first place.  And then there are others that buy from consignment stores for just a few dollars  and spend much money to alter and have that custom fit.  Pricing really needs to be determined by your own circumstances.

Alterations Inc like many other tailors and seamstresses have determined what we need to earn per hour to be profitable.  So if we say we need $30 per hour to make a profit, we determine how long it will take to complete an alteration and base the cost on that hourly rate.  You also have to include in that time and cost, the cost of any supplies needed like zippers, snaps and any prep time as well as the time needed to fit the garment to your body.  All this is factored into the cost of the alterations.  Most people don't realize that the fitting is part of the alterations, setting up the machines keeping them in good working condition, etc.

Compare tailoring and alterations with having your hair done at a salon or having your car repaired.  Most people don't question or think twice about spending hundreds of dollars for these services.

Does this make sense to you?  I hope it helps.